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Eric Grove - South Coast Guitar Lessons


Eric Grove created South Coast Guitar Lessons with the goal of providing fun and engaging guitar lessons to students of all ages and levels of experience. Eric has a passion for music and has devoted his life to using music as a form of expression. Having an educational background in music production and years of experience playing guitar, Eric sees the true value in sharing music with others. Eric has been teaching guitar for over 10 years, starting with group sessions and then moving on to individual private sessions.

Eric Grove - South Coast Guitar Lessons

Eric's experience and education includes acoustic and electric guitar, percussion, piano, music composition and music production. Eric has studied music at Orange Coast College, the Berklee School of Music, and the Mmmmaven School of Music. With his formal music education and years of experience, Eric creates a fun and relaxed environment with lessons specifically tailored to each of his students experience, ability, and goals. Call us today to get started and learn more about our private lessons!

"Eric is an absolutely amazing guitar teacher! He's so easy to work with and explains everything in a way that's easy to understand. I look forward to our lessons and always have fun!"

- Samantha Ray

Eric Grove - South Coast Guitar Lessons

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